Our kennel prefix Boondock´s describes our estate, situated

  in the middle of woods ”in the boondocks”.

  Anu´s childhood was filled with English Springer Spaniels,

  which we still have to the present. 

  Our first joint dog was a briard male, born in 1983,

  Ch. Walkwide´s Aadolf, who left his great qualities to our

  offsprings, via his beautiful daughter, V-93 Boondock´s

  Guess Who.

  In 1986, Farouche Hot Chocolate, and Farouche Hollywood

  Girl ( C.I.B & Fr Ch Oukhase De Millepoils x GB Ch K´Sar

  Royal Jaguar of Farouche ) from England, joined our family.

  For these lovely sisters, we are so ever thankful to Britt-Marie

  Young. Ever happy Hollywood Girl became also our kennel´s

  foundation bitch. 


  We were also proud to own some great  ”of the Gloaming”

  briards, bred by our dear late friend Pol van Wijnsberghe.

  From there, we got in our lines Ch. Tzigane du Roux et du Noir,

  one of the greatest briards of all times.

  Behind our present briards, You can find well known males Ch. Abbado Arte Cassari, and C.I.B Ch. James

  Bond Dalido (Boondock´s  I - and  J - litters )

  We have bred 20 briard litters, and our most far offspring lives in Israel. We have had imports from

  England, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Holland, Italy, and Sweden.

  Anu´s big dream, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, became true at the 10th wedding anniversary, in 1998. Our

  first SBT litter was not born until 2010, with C.I.B & FI & NO & LT & LV & EE Ch, BALT Ch, FI JW-08, FIW-08

  Rennam BB Boondock´s,  Anu´s big love, as the mother.

  We have also bred few English Springer Spaniel, Löwchen, Small Wire-Haired Portuguese Podengo litters.

  Our goal has always been to breed dogs to the standard with excellent breed type, combined with good

  health  and open temperament.

  Jari is a F.C.I judge for briards since 1990, and also for South Russian Shepherd Dog, and Berger De Picard.

  He has judged besides Finland, in England, Holland, Sweden, Norway, and Russia.

  The Finnish Kennel Club has awarded us with Lauri Vuolasvirta -award in 1998 for outstanding breeding.

  Our summer activities also include little yellow sport car, and motorcycle.

        - Anu & Jari -